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Costa Rica, book your trip online with us!

We at Yarok Costa Rica have arranged trips to Costa Rica for over 10 years. We customize your vacation to this beautiful country just for you. Experience the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea and everything in between as rainforests, volcanoes, wildlife and nature. We will help you with your dream trip to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a nation found in Central America and officially referred to as the Republic of Costa Rica. The word Costa Rica literally means Rich Coast. It remains as one of the most progressive, stable and prosperous nations in Latin America since it gained its sovereignty in 1847. Costa Rica gets bordered by Nicaragua to the north, Pacific Ocean to the west, Ecuador to the South of the Cocos Island, the Caribbean Sea to the east and Panama to the southeast.

Due to its location and the bordering sea and ocean, Costa Rica serves as a great tourist destination. Costa Rica has a total of 1,290 kilometers of coastline. The country has an estimation of about 4.5 million. There are several Costa Rica tours and travel packages you can find offered by various travel agents found in this nation.

Yarok Costa Rica has ten years experience in offering the best Costa Rica travel packages. We have ten years living in Costa Rica, giving us a profound understanding of the country. This has allowed us to build a well-functioning network with the best hotels and also tour organizers in the country because we are on the ground every day unlike other global agents.

Although Costa Rica might seem like a small country, it has a lot of great things it has to offer as a tourist destination. It has an endless supply of nature, animals, and adventures that one can watch and do while here. Yarok Costa Rica does the best to ensure you enjoy the best destination while you visit this country.

Yarok aims at providing the best services regarding tourist destination in Costa Rica and the customer has various places to choose from for their destinations. Yarok does all the booking and also organize their clients’ travels with the best and reliable tour guides in the country. Either the client wants to do some sunbathing, excursions or do even a personal trip around the country; Yarok Costa Rica makes all the arrangements. Yarok ensures that their customers get as many wonderful experiences as possible when on vacation in Costa Rica. They offer several and affordable Costa Rica tours and travel packages that one can’t dare resist.

When you choose Costa Rica as your travel destination, here are some of the facts you need to know about this country. It has a size of about 51,100 square kilometers and San Jose is its capital and of the 4.5 million citizens of the country, half of them live in this capital. The sun in this country is unyielding and the primary language spoken here is Spanish although, in most hotels, they have employed people who speak English. Concerning tourist attractions, the country has about 25% of its land being national parks and other protected areas.

Although Costa Rica is considered as one of the smallest countries on earth, Costa Rica is also one of the most bio-diverse with five percent of the world’s plant species, six percent of the world’s wildlife species and ten percent of the world’s total species. There are countless mountains and volcanoes in the country and many dazzling beaches that one will enjoy. Let’s look at some of the Costa Rica tours and travel packages that one can enjoy. Almost all the tour and travel packages can become customized so as to meet each and every client’s demand so as to enjoy the trip in full.

Volcano and the Caribbean package; you will get to enjoy and experience the Caribbean and the volcanoes throughout the trip. The package is suitable for those who want to have a combination of the beautiful beaches on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and the Tortuguero jungle and mighty Arenal Volcano. Ensure you rent a car or a bike in the Puerto Viejo and enjoy a trip to one of the most attractive and eye-catching beaches called Punta Uva. The package includes thirteen nights in different hotels and some three days of excursions.

Rainforest package enables you to combine the incredible experience of nature, animals and beach. It is a good package for experience, leisure, and relaxation when on holiday. It’s also one of the most great packages. You always get to visit the jungle on the Caribbean Sea, the Monteverde rainforest, and the Arenal Volcano, swimming and sunbathing on Flamingo Beach. You also get to enjoy various excursions and also see a lot of nature and wildlife. You will have thirteen nights in hotels and also four outings.

The National Parks and Pacific package enable a person to visit four national parks, two oceans, and beautiful beaches. You always get a chance to see a lot of wildlife and marine animals during this trip.

River rafting tour package; it’s an excursion that you can enjoy with a group or as an individual. With Tenorio River, you will experience the tough challenge gushing down the lively river. River Colorado is calm and is good for one doing river rafting for the first time and is a real adventure for all age groups. River rafting is highly recommended for between February and May when the rivers get affected by the dry season.

The golf package; the package gives you the experience of teeing up on a Pacific coastline. You will also get to enjoy the beaches, sun, and adventures in the tropical Costa Rica. You can pick one of the excellent golf courses like PGA golf course Hacienda Pinilla.

The animal and coffee tour excursion package; you will get to learn a lot about coffee and see a lot of animals in one tour. Costa Rica is known for its coffee production. We combine Palo Verde national park excursion together with a visit to a coffee roaster. You also get to enjoy watching crocodiles ten feet away. You also enjoy c cruise of Tempisque River. In the national park, you get to enjoy extraordinary wildlife.

The adventure package for the whole family is divided into four different parts for total enjoyment and enjoy them all in Buenavista and is all natural amusement parks. The adventure starts with canopy, then horse riding to the mineral hot springs heated by volcano followed by the 1300 feet natural water slide and finally seeing the wildlife.

When you decide to take one of the Costa Rica tours or all inclusive travel packages, you can choose various destination. Some of the destinations include Carrillo, Tamarindo, San Jose, Samara, Santa Teresa and Puerto Viejo among others.

To learn more about Costa Rica, see Wikipedia or for more!

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