Travel packages

Costa Rica is one of the most exotic places for a vacation, the weather, sunshine, beaches and richness of culture just to mention a few reasons. If you are planning a vacation there then you should check out the packages we offer below and if you would like more advisory services concerning Costa Rica travel and help in selection of the right packages for you then there is a form to be filled and we will get back to you in 24 hours.

Below we recommend a few different travel package through Costa Rica. All packages can be customized after your wishes.

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1. Volcano and the Caribbean

If you want to experience the beautiful Caribbean sea from the Costa Rica coast or view the marvelous Arenal volcano then this is your package. It is a 14 day package and includes accommodation and some meals. It starts from San Jose to Tortuguero to the south in Puerto Viejo for a culture trip where you will spend a week. Then finally out to the volcano then back to San Jose.

2. Rain forests and beach

This is another great package that will take on trips to the countryside and rain forests and back to the beach for relaxation. It includes 13 hotel nights and breakfasts, 2 dinners, 3 lunches and 4 excursions. Day 1 welcomes you to Costa Rica and proceed to the magical Tortuguero town on day 2. Day 4 sees us take a trip to the Arenal volcano where 2 days will be spent and on day 6 we move out to the Monteverde cloud forest and finally move to the flamingo beach where you will enjoy 6 great days on the pacific coast.

3. National parks and the pacific

If you would like to experience national parks and the pacific ocean from the Costa Rica coast then this package suits you best. On day 1 you are welcomed and the town of Tortuguero is the next stop on day 2 where you will enjoy taking boat rides. Day 4 is traveling to the Arenal and day 5 experiencing the many sites around Arenal like the waterfal fortuna or the volcano itself. On day 6 you go to the Monteverde cloud forest and get to see the impressive forest. Day 8 is traveling time again this time to Manuel Antonio and enjoy 5 days of relaxation on sandy beaches.

4. Conference package

This is for companies looking to hold a conference and at the same time enjoy their time in Costa Rica doing fun activities like rain forest hikes, sport fishing, white water rafting and golf among others. Our conference facility at the Flamingo beach resort has two rooms with a capacity of 120 people just next to the beautiful Flamingo beach. We also liase with other hotels to customize your conference trip depending on your needs or the activities you would like.

5. Wedding Costa Rica

Have your wedding in Costa Rica and we promise you will cherish those moments forever. You can have your wedding on a Catamaran in the middle of the Pacific ocean or at a waterfall in the jungle. We customize wedding ceremonies, dinner and party to suit your specific needs and your honeymoon will be arranged strictly by your script.

6. Customized package

Aside from the prearranged packages above, we also arrange for customized packages tailored specifically for you. You select the places you would like to visit on your vacation and we make that possible for you of course at very affordable rates.

All packages above are for 14 days except for the customized package which will take as long as the client wants