Canopy, one of Costa Rica’s coolest adventures

Wherever you go in Costa Rica you will see signs advertising Canopy, that is zip lines attached between the tree tops that will let you enjoy a great speedy adventure. All wires are metal and attached between the trees and then platforms are built for you to land on. The lines differ in length all from 160 feet to 2500 feet depending on where you go canopying. If you are really adventurous you should try the 2500 feet long canopy in Monteverde, that is for sure a breath-taking adventure! A great canopy for beginners is the one in Buenavista or the one in Cartagena, both close to Tamarindo and Flamingo. Canopy is very safe and you are connected with two safety lines, helmet and climbing harness. If you are nervous about going on your own you can always “taxi” with one of the guides that will go with you and handle breaking and landing. This is a great adventure that can be enjoyed by all ages, all the way from children to people in their 70’s, bring out the Tarzan in you!