Carrillo is a small cozy fishing village with just a few hundred inhabitans is a perfect choice for you if you want to experience some excellent sport fishing between January and April. You will amazed as you enter the village and drive along the beautiful white sand beach with the palm trees hanging over the coast […]


Tamarindo is one of the biggest tourist destinations in Costa Rica, there is a wide selection of restaurants, bars, stores and night life. There are about 2000 people that live here all year around. During high season, chistmas, new year’s and easter that population doubles up due to tourism. Even though when it is high […]

San Jose

San Jose is the capital of Costa Ricas and is located in the center of the country at about 3900 feet above sea level. Almost half of the country’s population lives here (2.2 million with surroundings). San Jose is mostly consist of one or two floor houses closely built together with a few tall buildings […]

Puerto Viejo

On your way to Puerto Viejo the road is lined by impressive banana plantations and breath-taking nature. A lot of these plantations are owned and operated by Chiquita and Dole. In the small town of Puerto Viejo there are plenty cozy restaurants and bars to enjoy. You can really imbibe the nature and culture of […]

Santa Teresa

Far away from all huge resorts and commercial mass tourism you will find this gem, Santa Teresa. The town is located right on the long white sand beach and it is hidden in the beautiful lush nature. This scenic and relax surf paradise is absolutely lovely and the perfect hideaway from big cities and all […]


This fantastic small vacation destination Samara is just a few miles away from Carrillo and the town is known for it’s incredible cozy atmosphere and great beach for swimming. The three mile long beach is lined with inviting beach bars, restaurants and hotels. During daytime the beach is full of people enjoying the great beach […]

Manuel Antonio

This cozy small town is located in a very lush. It is built among the hills in this green area and stretches all the way down to the beautiful beach with the same name. The national park of Manuel Antonio starts where the beach ends so it is very accessible. While in the park you […]

Tortuguero National park

Tortugeuero offers a great diversity in nature with rain forest, swamp, lagoons, beach and rivers. All embedded in the lovely tropical climate of the Caribbean. The national park is accessible by boat or plane. The deep jungle has a large river delta that culminates in the Caribbean Sea. There are more than 400 different tree […]

Monteverde rainforest

Monteverde has more than 2500 different plant species whereof 450 of them are orchids. This untouched cloud forest is a paradise for lovers of nature and animals. The whole forest is covered in moss and plants. Lianas are stretching from the huge trees down in the humid open air towards the green ground that covers […]

Arenal Volcano

From far away we see the majestic, 7000 years old volcano as it rises in the horizon. It is a mile high and you get to see constant smoke pouring out through it’s 460 feet wide crater. Arenal is one of the most active volcanoes in the country and was earlier considered one of 10 […]