Monteverde rainforest

Monteverde has more than 2500 different plant species whereof 450 of them are orchids. This untouched cloud forest is a paradise for lovers of nature and animals. The whole forest is covered in moss and plants. Lianas are stretching from the huge trees down in the humid open air towards the green ground that covers the entire forest. The cloud forest has a big diversity in wildlife and is the habitat for more than 425 species of birds, thousands of species of insects and numerous reptiles and mammals. Some of the different species represented here are Jaguars, tapirs, coatis, toucans, hummingbirds, sloths, monkeys, frogs, butterflies and the Quetzal bird. Monteverde is one of the few places on earth where the Quetzal lives and it is considered one of the most beautiful birds on earth with it’s long tail. Monteverde is a cloud forest and this is because it is located more than 4500 feet above sea level and the clouds are dense among the treetops.

Our excursions to Monteverde are experienced in a part of the forest where you get to hike threw the cloud forest on hanging bridges built over the many valleys and they give you a great view over the entire landscape. You can also visit a Butterfly garden where you can see plenty of all the butterfly species in Costa Rica. There is also a glade to visit where you get to see many of the hummingbirds of Costa Rica flying around freely getting fed by nectar.

If you feel more adventurous you can always go zip lining in the tree tops, the country’s longest canopy is right here in the forrest and the longest line is more than 2500 feet long and at a height of 260 feet. There are 14 lines and this is an adventure for your whole family.

Hotel in Monteverde:

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