Puerto Viejo

On your way to Puerto Viejo the road is lined by impressive banana plantations and breath-taking nature. A lot of these plantations are owned and operated by Chiquita and Dole. In the small town of Puerto Viejo there are plenty cozy restaurants and bars to enjoy. You can really imbibe the nature and culture of the Caribbean here with it’s long white sand beaches, palm trees that hangs over these beaches and the reggae music that is played in every corner. The food culture here differs a little from the rest of Costa Rica with it’s Caribbean influences where among other things coco and pineapple stands out as common ingredients. But of course there are restaurants for everyone’s flavor here as there is a wide selection of international restaurants as well. It is easy to rent bikes here and have easy access to the several beaches such as Punta Uva and Manzanillo that are located a couple of miles south of the town. And as many others destinations in Costa Rica this one also offers the opportunity of great surfing.

In Puerto Viejo we work with a very nice hotel called Villas del Caribe which is located right on the beach

Hotel in Puerto Viejo:

Villas del Caribe ***