Costa Rica is located between the Paciflc Ocean and the Caribbean Ocean. Therefore, the country has an immense selection of flsh species, perfect for sport flshing. We do most of our flshing trips on the Paciflc Ocean which guarantees safer weather, bigger, and a larger amount of flsh. To mention just a few of the different species that we catch, you may encounter Blue-, Black-, Striped Marlin, Sailflsh, Rooster flsh, Dorado, Yellowfln Tuna, Wahoo and Snapper. Swetours works closely with several local captains throughout the country all of whom have many years of experience flshing. The boats used can range between 26-50 feet and are fully equipped. You can choose 
either a half day in-shore adventure or a more complete full day off-shore flshing experience.

Enjoy a day of flshing on your vacation to the beach, or let us customize your dream fishing trip!

We offer three types of fishing:

Option 1: Deep sea fishing: This type of fishing offers the chance to catch Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado and more. In general we offer these trips with our very experienced American captain that has more than 20 years of experience of these waters. He and his crew are doing everything to help you catch the most fishes possible. He uses a 31 feet boat out of Flamingo or Tamarindo or Samara and Carrillo (January until March). The trips are charters and takes 1-4 fishermen per trip. Price per day and charter starts at:  750 USD Includes transfer to and from the marina, full fishing equipment, lunch, snacks, non-alcoholic beverages and beer.’

Option 2: Full- or half day fishing inshore, we do this fishing with boats that ranges from 20-31 feet depending on amount of fishermen and where you would like to fish. The inshore fishing gives you the opportunity to catch Rooster fish, Dorado, Jack, Snapper, Tuna, Bonito and more. A half  day fishing trip starts at 350 USD  for 1-4 fishermen. That includes transportation round trip, complete equipment and non-alcoholic beverages.

Option 3: Kayak fishing is an incredible exciting experience of inshore fishing where you fish with lighter equipment from a single kayak or a double kayak with guide. This is great fun and a good form of sport fishing for the active fisherman. This is a half day fishing experience and starts at 90 USD per person (minimum 2 participants). Includes transportation round trip, full equipment, kayak and guide.

Contact us and let us know who we can customize your dream fishing trip depending on your wishes and needs.