Tortuguero National park

Tortugeuero offers a great diversity in nature with rain forest, swamp, lagoons, beach and rivers. All embedded in the lovely tropical climate of the Caribbean. The national park is accessible by boat or plane. The deep jungle has a large river delta that culminates in the Caribbean Sea. There are more than 400 different tree species, 2200 plant species and this is the habitat for numerous animals. Tortuguero means freely translated “region of turtles” and every year several species of turles come here to lay their eggs. The four most common turtle species here are Green sea turtle, Leatherback turtle, hawksbill turtle and loggerhead turtle. The Leatherback turtle is the biggest specie in the world and they can measure up to 7 feet and weigh over 1100 pounds. The diversity in wildlife is incredible and there are several species of fish, three different species of Monkeys, Jaguars, Crocodiles, Caymans and more than 350 species of birds. The lodging is in cabins in the middle of the jungle. While visiting the Pachira Lodge where we host our guests you get to hike in the jungle, visit the town and go on an exciting river boat tour to experience the diverse wildlife. All tours are in guided in English and they tell you all about the nature and animals.

A visit here is a memory for life!

Hotel  in Tortuguero:

Pachira Lodge ***